The Status Quo: Renewables in Baden-Württemberg

Facts and Figures

The Status Quo: Renewables in Baden-Württemberg

By 2050, 80 per cent of energy in Baden-Württemberg is set to come from renewable sources. So what role do renewable energy sources play currently? Here is a graphic overview of the use and potential of renewable energy sources in Baden-Württemberg. Learn more by the infographics below or the Energy report compact 2015 as PDF download.

  • Gross energy production from renewable energy

A Closer Look: The Electricity Mix in Baden-Württemberg

Wind and solar power will assume the lion’s share of electricity generation in 2050; nuclear power will no longer play a role. In contrast, however, we currently still obtain the majority of our electricity from nuclear power and coal. In 2010, nuclear power made up more than 30 per cent of electricity generated. By 2020 it will be a mere 17 per cent, the same amount obtained from renewable sources today.