Knowledge in a nutshell: Climate protection at school – selected projects

Baden-Württemberg wants to bring climate topics into schools and supports interested parties with various projects, educational offers and teaching materials.


1. KlimaNet

The website offers numerous suggestions on how sustainability topics can be put into practice at schools and also presented in the classroom.


2. Environmental mentors

The pupils of class 8 can choose to be trained as environmental mentors. They learn how to save energy, what opportunities are offered by renewable energies and how this knowledge can be taught in schools.


3. Energy and Climate Pioneers

As Energy and Climate Pioneers, entire school classes have the opportunity to implement their own climate protection projects, which promote a conscious use of energy and help relieve burdens on the environment.


4. Energy Detective

The energy detective “EDe” visits the younger climate protectors in class 4. He teaches the children valuable knowledge about energy and trains them to become junior energy detectives. 

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