Knowledge in a nutshell: Focus on efficiency

With a whole range of measures, the Quartier FRANKLIN project development team emphasises energy efficiency.


1. High building energy standards

High-quality energy standards are planned, both for existing buildings and for new buildings. Many passive houses are being planned.


2. Eco-friendly energy supply

Roof and facade surfaces are used or optimised for photovoltaic and small wind-power plants. Co-generation of heat and power on a district heating basis, as well as heat pumps and wastewater heat, is also planned.


3. Efficient cooling in the commercial sector

The concepts developed together with the investors provide for passive cooling of the buildings. Compression cooling is avoided wherever possible. Adsorption chillers, which use district heating among other sources, are in the planning stage.


4. Smart grid solutions

The energy system of the future is being tested in the quarter. Important topics here are transparency through real-time measurement of energy flows, a networked charging infrastructure with charging points, as well as smart solar-based heat cells.


5. E-mobility in the neighbourhood

Energy-efficient mobility is also part of the overall concept. The project developers are implementing several different elements, such as e-carsharing and bikesharing, standard charging points for e-vehicles as well as quiet, emission-free e-buses and an additional tram connection.

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